The digital
retro board.


The digital retro board.

Postfacto helps team members to facilitate retrospectives, where team members come together and discuss what went well and what could be improved. Postfacto is free and open source!

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Easy and simple to use

1. Create your retro

Screenshot of Postfacto retrospective board

Set up your first retro board

  • To create your board, set a name and choose a URL that you can share it with the team.
  • Set a password to keep your team’s retro data secure.
  • You can add retro items on each column for things that went well, what you are wondering about and what didn’t work so well.
  • Access archived boards and edit settings.

2. Add retro items

Annotated retrospective items

Create retro items to discuss

  • Add retro items to each column for discussion.
  • Edit retro items if you want to make any changes.
  • Vote on team members’ retro items that you want to be discussed by clicking on the heart icon.
  • Keep your retro time-framed with the 5-minute timer.

3. Add actions

Annotated retrospective actions

Record actions to be taken

  • Add action items from your retro to improve teamwork.
  • Edit action items and assign tasks to team members.
  • Revisit previous action items to check what has been achieved and to keep track of things.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Piece of cake

Easy & simple to use

Intuitive interface and simple functionality. It’s like using a whiteboard.

Hifi speaker

Everyone can be heard

Inclusivity is important to your team. Members can all add items to be discussed so no one is left out.

Laptop computer

Remote & co-located teams

Part of your team may be remote, share your retro board with them and collaborate via video conferencing.

Everyone can contribute

Get involved

Engineers, Designers and Product Managers can contribute through GitHub.

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